Thanks to generous community support, the SPAULDING EDUCATION FUND (SEF) is pleased to announce that this Spring it awarded over $25,000 in grants to the Manchester-Essex Regional School District. With this round of grants, the organization brings to a close the 2019-2020school year, during which it distributed more than $50,000 in grants throughout the district’s four schools and across all age levels. Successful grant recipients have created initiatives, proposed innovative programs or materials that enrich, advance, and enliven the classroom experience. The following is a summary of the Spaulding Education Fund Spring 2018 grants:

Author Visit by Award Winning Children’s Author Jarrett Krosocka:
With funds from SEF, 2nd through 5th graders district-wide will have the opportunity to work with renowned award-winning children’s book writer and illustrator Jarrett Krosoczka. Essex and Manchester Memorial elementary schools will each host the author for an assembly and writing workshops. Krosoczka will share artwork he created as a child, explain how with perseverance and hard work he progressed to become a leading graphic novelist and discuss how he wrote his very successful Lunch Lady graphic novel series. Through this engaging and innovative program, it is the hope to expose students in the Manchester-Essex Public Schools to an in-person example of excellence in writing, illustration, and determination.

National Archery in the Schools Program:
Awarded to the Middle and High School physical education program, this grant will allow for the expansion of the already implemented successful National Archery School Program in the schools. The grant will fund the materials needed to offer the program to all middle school students during physical education and 4th- 12th grade students during an afterschool program. Archery is a fun, alternative sport that can be enjoyed by all ages and abilities and gives students the opportunity to develop new skills, particularly mental training.

Sustainable Food Production in the Classroom:
To enhance the environmental science curriculum, the High School Science Department will purchase with the SEF grant a Tower Garden System, a sustainable state-of-the-art, aeroponic growing system that is specifically designed for small, indoor spaces like a classroom. By growing food crops within an indoor area throughout the year, students have a better understanding of the complexities of food production and the necessities of finding ways to produce more food for more people in an environmentally sustainable way. This particular project will allow students to access the science curriculum in ways that provide meaningful hands-on experiences through cooperation, problem-solving, creativity and technological support.

Computer Aided Design 3D Printers:
This grant will fund two 3-D printers for the High School’s introduction to Computer Aided Design (CAD) class offered to 9th and 10th grade students. The addition of 3D printers will enhance student learning and engagement by allowing them to convert their two-dimensional designs into three-dimensional objects. This cutting-edge technology will also provide the basis for the development of higher-level CAD and design classes that will be part of the District’s planned STEM Pathways curriculum.

Garden Improvement for Three-Season Gardening System:
With a grant from SEF, the MERHS Green Team will have secured enough funding to purchase and install two greenhouses over the raised garden beds it currently maintains outside the High School. This student-driven initiative will significantly enhance the Green Team’s horticultural program. The new greenhouses will protect the existing gardens from environmental factors and extend their growing season. This project will allow for a new level of Horticulture awareness in the schools as well as the greater community through which students and community members from across the district will be able to visit, utilize and production levels.

MERMHS Orchard:
For the benefit of the MERMHS students, an orchard with a variety of fruit trees and bushes, will be installed in the courtyard of the school. The goal of this project is to provide fresh fruit to students while utilizing and beautifying an unused space in the school. This SEF grant will fund the creation of up to 10 raised beds and plant up to 10 fruit trees.

MERMHS Technical Pop Up Presentations:
This grant will fund 10 Chromebooks and required accessories that will transform any space to be multi-use and offer the ability to have spontaneous presentations by students and adults. With this technology, Middle and High School students will easily be able to present and share work helping them to develop the skills needed to deliver information in a presentation format. Students will be exposed to multiple methods of presentation, immersion into data, images, video, and interactivity.

SEF would like to express its sincere thanks to the many members of the community who continue to generously support the district’s education fund. It is only with their support that we can fund this many projects and the kind of rich learning that our students experience. SEF is a group of parent volunteers who focus on the mission to assure excellence in the Manchester Essex Public Schools by funding programs and resources that open doors to innovative curriculum-based learning.

Please email SEF to learn how you can get involved and help the organization with the upcoming 10th Annual Night of Stars community talent show on November 18, 2018, 3:00PM at the MERHS.

Recent Grants

Author Visit by Award Winning Children’s Author Jarrett Krosocka (EES & MMES) •  National Archery in the Schools Program (MERMHS) • Sustainable Food Production in the Classroom (MERHS) • Computer Aided Design 3D Printers (MERHS) • Garden Improvement for Three-Season Gardening System (MERHS)  •  MERMHS Orchard  • MERMHS Technical Pop Up Presentations  •  Natural Science with Kestrel Educational Adventures (EES & MMES)  •  Museum of Science Electromagnetism In-house Field Trip (EES & MMES)  •  Composer in Residence (EES) • Flexible Classroom Seating (EES) • Engineering Component for Math Explorers and Problem Solvers Program (MMES) • Chromebooks for Middle School Robotics (MERMS) •  Middle School Academy Digital Classroom Equipment (MERMS) •  Shakespeare & Company (MERMS) • Biotechnology in all Classrooms (MERHS) • The Anatomy in Clay  (MERHS) • Graphic Arts Photo Scanner (MERHS Art Department) • Robotics Team (MERHS) • Speech and Debate Team (MERHS)  •  Science iPads (MERHS)  •  Learning Commons in the Library (MERMHS)


For nearly 30 years, SEF has helped students reach their greatest potential by enhancing the curriculum with innovative ideas and technology in every subject, across all grade levels beyond the scope of tax-supported budgets. Since its inception, SEF has funded on behalf of the community more than $2 million in grants to the Manchester-Essex School District.


It is the MISSION of the Spaulding Education Fund to provide an enriched public school experience for the students of the Manchester Essex Regional School District. It is our goal to identify and utilize support from our community including the parents, residents and businesses, to fund programs and initiatives designed to enhance the school’s curriculum beyond the scope of tax-supported budgets and help our youth reach their greatest potential.